Customer Research

It is imperative that customers do their research before deciding on a builder, no matter where they build.

Not only do you want a builder that has a good reputation for honesty and quality, you also need someone that has a long history on the peninsula.  The environment on Bolivar Peninsula is unique, and requires unique building techniques that outsiders do not understand.  Not using these techniques can be very costly to the homeowner years after the house is finished and the builder is gone. Many of the “storm chasers” who showed up after Ike have already left, leaving their customers without anyone to fix the problems in their homes, but some are still here.  You need a builder that will be here after the Ike recovery is done.  Always ask for references from each builder you interview, but keep in mind they are only going to give you the good ones.  Talk to your neighbors and the local businesses like lumber yards, hardware stores, and real estate offices to find out additional information.

pdfBuilder Questionnaire coming soon.